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Innovative products like Thermoband, Thermofeet and Sunscreen Indicator gives you increased security and safety in daily routines. For a small child the right temperature is very important. Too high temperature can seriously harm children therefore we have developed security products that will help parents to a safer everyday living.



Is a temperature safety band which is attached around the nursing bottle and indicates when it is safe for the baby to eat. Using Thermoband makes the preparation of formula/breast milk very simple. The purpose of the product is to increase the safety for the baby and decrease the anxiety for the parents when feeding their baby and to facilitate the preparation.

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Is a temperature and anti-slip mat for the bath consisting four foot-shaped mats that are placed in the bath. Thermofeet indicates when it is safe bathing temperature and also makes sure that your child does not slip.

Already at 44 degrees a longer bath can cause lasting damage to a small child. Knowing the difference between 38 and 44 degrees without actually lay in the bath is very difficult.

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Sunscreen Indicator

The Sunscreen indicator eliminates the problem of trying to keep track of when you may need to apply more sunscreen by easily and clearly indicating whether you are protected by the sunscreen or not.